Life Without Evil In William Golding: I Without Evil

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Register to read the introduction… That’s why world peace is impossible to achieve. Life without any problems would be really boring. Imagine if this world was in complete peace and happiness, there would be no reason to go to school or work. If you didn’t go to work no one would get mad and there would be no problem if you didn’t pay taxes. If you didn’t pay taxes there would be no school. With no school not many people would be smart. As you can see list can go on forever about things going wrong. That why we need problems in this world and that is why we should be born with evil in us so that no one could raise us to not cause problems.
All in all, we are not perfect, evil is upon us and cruelty is a part of it. So there isn’t such thing as bad kind of people and we can’t say, “Some people are just born with bad in them” because we were all born with evil in us. I guess it’s okay to say that we were once savages but now we have become something better by learning to avoid being evil. Although we can avoid it we cannot escape it because it is in our nature. Golding was right by saying “We are born with evil in us, and cruelty is a part of

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