Life Through Education, Values, Strengths And Interest Will Be Discussed

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Ever since I was little I always loved to learn, so continuing my education and taking more classes wasn’t even a challenging decision for me. Education to me has had such an impact on me, it has helped me get to very place I am today. The word education usually has a direct connection to school but that isn’t always the case, to me education can come from anywhere, parents, books, church, real life examples from others etc. Taking all that into consideration, I like using the knowledge I gain and applying it to task whether it projects or life experiences. Places around the world don’t have the opportunities to get to the level of education we have in our country, so we are very privileged to have this chance to get this knowledge so why put it to waste? Education helps you have more knowledge and when used correctly can help you have a better future and outlook in life. In this essay, my purpose in life through education, values, strengths and interest will be discussed.
Continuing with my education and plans for college, it’s still a bumpy road in the making. In a couple months I would be receiving my A.A degree from Valencia and then transferring to the University of Central Florida most likely to continue my education and work towards a Bachelor in Fine Arts. During this time, I would be taking more focused classes that deal with my major of graphic design and gain more skills that I would need in the work field. My advanced education training will help me provide…

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