Life Theory: Analysis And Theories Of Violent Victimization

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Theories of Violent Victimization
For this assignment I will analyze and elaborate on at least three victimization theories that relate to the scenario. In addition, I will analyze and justify a victimization theory that relates to the scenario and another that is not pertinent to the scenario. Too close, I will analyze and elaborate on whether Carla caused or was somewhat to blame for the crime that happened in the scenario.
After reading the scenario, the first theory that I would consider is the lifestyle theory. The lifestyle theory imply that people become targets because of how they live their life, and because of their choice to expose themselves to lawbreaking individuals, as well as conditions where crimes may be committed. For
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I assume that she liked to take care of her body because she usually jogged to see her boyfriend. However, Carla jogged at night to a neighborhood that was not safe. In addition, the apartment that her boyfriend stayed in was hidden off the main road next to a biker bar and a drug rehab center; so I think it is safe to say that this particular neighborhood has a lot of addicts. Furthermore, both Carla and her boyfriend use marijuana and she had clients who use methamphetamine, in which those type of individuals are very unstable. It is a known fact that women are mainly attacked by someone they know, so I’m going to assume that Carla was attacked by an associate that knew the route she runs to get to her boyfriend’s apartment and what time she was going to be there. So because of the lifestyle Carla lived is the reason why she was a victim of a crime that caused her to lose her …show more content…
In my opinion, the routine activity theory focuses more on fluctuations in crime tendencies over time. Nevertheless, the routine activity theory has been gradually used much more to gain knowledge about and prevent crime problems. However, the scenario did not mention anything about crime tendencies in that certain community. All we know is that Carla usually runs at night at 10:00 pm and arrives at her boyfriend’s house between 10:15 pm and 10:30 pm. We also know that her boyfriend lives in a bad neighborhood and that they associate with people who use drugs. I would say that the routine activity theory is fitting because of other aspects of it; however, I believe that is the least relevant compared to the other

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