Life Styles Inventory Paper

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Life Styles Inventory Paper
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Life Styles Inventory Paper
Who am I? Where do I come from? What am I doing? Where am I going? And How do I get there are all questions we ask ourselves in one form or another throughout our lives. America is a place where one is not confined to who or what they are now. In fact one is in control of whom or what they will be tomorrow. In effect one can change the direction of one’s life. The key to doing so is to first understand one’s self. I recently took a life styles inventory survey to learn and get a better understanding of myself. Within the following paper I will identify the results of my survey to include my
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These feelings however, do not run my life and has only come up in the past year I think mainly due to the economy and the current administration’s handling of it. I am continuing my education because I do believe in myself and I am just a little frustrated at this time.
Backup thinking style
My backup or second highest thinking style is affiliative style. The Human Synergistic website (2010) describes this style as being characterized by “a tendency to value relationships above all else, a need to build relationships that are meaningful and reciprocal, strong, well-developed interpersonal skills, and a tendency to motivate others using genuine praise and friendliness”. I would have to say that I do identify with this thinking style. I am one who does like to be around people and like to build and retain relationships with others. I enjoy working in teams and just being around other people.

Limiting thinking style
I would have to say that my limiting thinking style would have to be what is shown to be my primary style. If the survey is correct in listing my primary style as dependent then this style could have a real negative effect on my ability to move forward with a career, even my ability to work with other people. This style is thought to be passive and easily influenced or very concerned as to what others think and even lack of self respect. Those traits are very limiting. Now we all need some of that to help balance out some aggressive styles but having

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