Life Styles : A Turbulent Life Essay

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"So give me a turbulent world as opposed to a quiet world and I 'll take the turbulent one."(Andy Grove) In life you are given many choices. One such choice is whether you would like to live a tranquil, or turbulent life. Both life styles have very distinct and unique differences. This choice is most influenced by your experience, whether it be from your childhood or adult life. At the young age of four-teen I have accumulated only a portion of the experience soon to come. To me living a turbulent life would mean looking forward to excitement, risk, adventure,or pain and loss. Where living a tranquil life would consist of a calm quite straight forward almost predicable life. When looking back at my minute experience, I would much rather embrace a turbulent life than seek tranquil one for many reasons.

A turbulent life style will also contain on of two types of risk. Risk can have both physical and mental out comes. There are big risk that can have an outcome resulting in physical pain. Risk is to me something we all need in life we need to know the thrill or sorrow of having a risk pay off or bit us in the butt. To begin big risk can have the potential to harm you in a physical way or even lead to death. I have taken many risks in my life and most have paid off. One risk I will always remember happened on our way back from U.W Band Day. We had stopped at Split Rock for a break. At Split Rock there are many crevasse, boulders and drop offs, to climb…

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