Essay on Life Span

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Life span

Life Span Development
Kristy Uhl
Psychology 375
September 23, 2013
Susan Cohen University of Phoenix

From birth to death, humans grow and develop they change and become productive individuals. From an early age we learn to depend on our parents for care and support, then as we become adults ourselves we turn around and take care of our own children. The cycle of life is repeated over and over. Some psychologist developed their own ideas or theories about life and two of the psychologist with big ideas or theories are Sigmund Freud and John B. Watson. Sigmund Freud’s Theory
In the psychoanalytical theory Freud outlines that deep motives, inner drives, and
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The reward being positive the mother got positive results from her kids while at the store. In his theory he says that everything can be learned. Like training an animal to go to the restroom outside, I know for me I used treats as a way to train my dog. When she goes outside she gets a treat she even goes to the cabinet where the treats are kept when she come back in.

Heredity and Environment
In life there are some things that can be changed and some stuff that can’t. We are given 23 chromosomes form each of our parents. These we have no control over, the color of our eyes and the color of our hair, however man made inventions can change them like contacts and hair dye. Other traits like high blood pressure and diabetes which is passed down cannot be changed however we have control to change the things that affect these kinds of diseases like diet and exercise. Depending on the place where you are born and raised would depend on the kinds of foods you were raised on, like fried chicken, sweet tea, and cornbread. In the south most people have had at one time or another had these kinds of food. However I do know of some people who have never had cornbread in their lives. Some people like to hunt and fish whereas other people would not know what to do with a fishing pole or a gun. However the kinds of hobbies a

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