Nature Vs. Nurture, Retrospective Analysis

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From the moment we enter this world as babies we begin to grow and learn about this thing we call life. Our brains grow and begin to develop as we hit different milestones. Everything we soak up helps to transform us into the people we are today. We learn from different things we face in life whether they are good or bad. I can say that I have definitely evolved from my younger days. I never thought that psychology would be useful to me but after reading and studying it amazes me how much my life ties in with this class. My life history, nature vs nurture, retrospective analysis, and the

Growing up I was known for being the quiet one out of all of my siblings, but at the same time, everyone knew I could be a little feisty as well. I was always slow to speak but quick to
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Nature being what we have inherited in our DNA. Some things we inherit through DNA are health issues, mental illness, eye color, and even what hand you write with. Both of my parents have high blood pressure. As a result, a few of my siblings including myself have high blood pressure.Another example is my dad when he sits or lay down he shakes his left leg. Now when I sit or lay down I shake my left leg. Nurture is what a person learns because of his or her environment. Not everyone is a product of their environment. There are people who are the complete opposite of where they have come from. Where I grew up it was very common for boys and girls to drop out of school. Most of them ended up in jail, on drugs, and some have even died. As for myself, I didn 't drop out of school. I graduated from high school. When I finished school I started working at a daycare with young children. A person picks up on whatever they know whether it is good or bad. If you do not have the proper guidance throughout life you 'll never know to do better. Because my parents stayed on me as a child I did not end up like most of the people I grew up

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