Life Reflected In Alice Walker's Work

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Events experienced in one’s life, shapes his or her’s career. Alice Walker is no exception to this. Using personal experience and struggles of her life, allowed Walker to create her great work. These personal experiences gave Walker a unique flavor that no other writer possessed. Feminism with a focus on women’s rights is arguably Alice Walker’s most significate characteristics in her writing. Being an African American women, she shocked the world with her stance on women’s rights that was reflected in her works. Using the idea of realism, is also another notable characteristics in Walker’s writings. Throwing out realism, changed the game for Walker and made her stand out from other writers of her time. Being oppressed as a black women with …show more content…
Although, had she not experienced these events, her work might not have had the success it had. Walker was not always at the top, “…Walker grew up poor in Eatonton, GA” (Allen 1278). Already being behind from the get go just pushed her to want better. In her early life, Alice Walker was different from all the other children. She found herself spending her time alone and reading. Then, at the age of eight years old, Walker suffered an injury that left her blind in the right eye. (Richards 741). With such a noticeable injury, once again she was separated from the other children. Although, she did not let this push her down, all she had to do was overcome the small difference. She did just that, and made a huge impact while doing so. As a black women, Walker was constantly being put down and told what she couldn’t do instead of what she could. But that did not stop her, instead it accelerated her. For example, “In 1967, she defied state law to marry white civil rights lawyer Melvyn Leventhal” (Allen 1278). This act, showed defied the thoughts of society, and what they thought was ‘right’. Walker defied society and this is portrayed in the ideas intertwined into her works. Specifically in her poetry, Walker showcases her feelings in a very different way, “… Walker records intensely felt emotions, purging her psyche of stultifying mental states that could hamper growth” (Brantley 1). Through her poetry, Walker reflected on the hard times that she experienced. Opposed to hiding her emotions or altering them, Walker chose to reveal them. Not just the good emotions, but the bad ones, the ones that pushed a person over the

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