Life Practices Of Torture On Suspects Of Terrorism Essay

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Secondly, real-life practices of torture on suspects of terrorism will be demonstrated. Hudson (2009) is a professor at the University of Central Lancashire in England and states that Guantanamo Bay is a facility where torture is permitted and inmates are kept for an extended period of time without trial. Hudson (2009) calls Guantanamo Bay a “legal black hole” where the inmates have no form of American Law. The inmates in this facility are considered “prisoners of war,” states Hudson (2009).
Gordon (2014) is a professor of Politics and Government Ben-Gurion University, and states that military and other organizations misuse law in a strategic approach in order to achieve military goals. People such as “different securitizing actors-academics, nongovernmental organizations, think tanks, policy makers, and legislators-mobilize the media, shape public opinion, lobby legislators and policy makers” think in a certain way “ to limit the scope of human rights work” (Gordon, 2014). Military goals are the outcomes, which in this case means the torturing approvals they wish for. The torturing methods mentioned earlier all required approvals by their superior officers, but those superior officers also needed approvals from their superiors (Laughland, 2014). So it is how the military misused the law to attain their specific objectives.
In an interview between Mate and a series of psychologists involved in this dilemma, there was information revealed amongst the CIA and the American…

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