Essay on Life Or Death : What Do You Choose?

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Life or Death: What do you choose? Watson, Simon. THE END OF LIFE: WHO DECIDES? 2005. TIME. Web. 5 Nov. 2015. Should we allow people to the right to die with assistance from a doctor? Imagine how you or someone you love wants to end their life because the pain is excruciating. The countless trips to the hospital, the numerous amounts of medications to take, and the agonizing pain of your loved one. All these factors and much more may be too much to bear for the victim’s spouse or family. While there are cures for certain types of diseases, not all of them have a solution. There are millions of Americans each day who are suffering from incurable diseases. I understand that on one hand, ending one’s life is immoral and cruel especially to the friends and family of the individual. On the other hand, having to continue enduring a painful illness for a long period of time is unjust. While both sides have a justifiable reason to this issue, I will demonstrate why individuals should have the right to die on their own terms. One reason that people should have this right is that they don’t want to be immobile and enduring this excruciating pain until they die. Why should someone who is literally screaming in pain have to suffer for the rest of their life? That person should have the right to decide if they want to continue living their depressive life or die on their own terms. There are many examples, but one case where this issue really caught national attention was Brittany…

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