Life Of Pi Theme Analysis

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The Theme of Life of Pi Imagine being stranded at sea for seven months with limited supplies and a Bengal Tiger being the only other castaway in the ship. Pi Patel, the protagonist of Life of Pi, has to live with these circumstances, and he miraculously survives. This story is about a young boy who grows up in a zoo, since his family owns it, and makes sense of himself through religion. One day, Pi’s father decides he is going to move the family to Canada because he believes there will be better opportunities for all of them there. After about a year, all of the zoo animals are sold, and Pi’s family boards the Tsimtsum, a ship that will take them to their desired destination. The ship sinks, and Pi is left on a lifeboat with a hyena, a wounded zebra, an orangutan, and a tiger. The three former end up dying, and that is how Pi becomes stuck with the latter. Pi lives through and sees miraculous sights and events, which is told to the reader through his story. The Life of Pi, Pi’s story, is filled with religious themes. In the beginning of the story, Pi is an impressionable and …show more content…
Pi provides him with the things he needs in order to be given life, and Christians worship and give Christ the love he needs so that they can be saved. Richard Parker suffers while he is on the lifeboat since he barely has food or water, so he becomes skin and bones. Jesus endured much suffering during his short time on this Earth, especially while he was being crucified. Jesus arose from his grave and left this Earth after he died, leaving those who loved him with memories and some post-resurrection appearances. Richard Parker does not die, but leaving the lifeboat was a metaphor for a new life for him. He disappears, leaving nothing behind for Pi except photographs and memories the boy had with the tiger. Although their lives were very much different, the similarities between Christ and Richard Parker are too striking to be

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