Life of Pi: the Correlation Between Science and Religion Essay

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Wednesday, April, 28, 2010

Life of Pi: Correlation between Science and Religion

One of the most important dichotomies that exist amongst today is Science versus Religion. A dichotomy that started in the renaissance era, a period when people started questioning, looking to other horizons, other than religion and truly began to comprehend reality. The theme of Science versus Religion is portrayed in a great deal in the novel Life of Pi. In Life of Pi, Yann Martle utilizes the protagonist Piscine “Pi” Molitor Patel’s to suggest that humans require both Science and Religion to attain their full potential. Pi’s experiences prior to arriving in the Lifeboat , in attendance of the Lifeboat and
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Yet, through the next sentence, Richard Parker confirms himself as a biological animal when he illustrate untainted hatred towards Pi because Richard Parker’s space is invaded by Pi, this shows no matter how much respect Pi devotes towards Richard Parker he in the end still remains a wild beast. Hence, Science and Religion provides Pi with a sense of hope on his journey on the Lifeboat.

Following the ordeal on the Pacific Ocean, Pi’s infatuation with science and religion grows stronger without a doubt. Pi’s knowledge of science and religion is a primary aspect to his survival. When Pi attends the University of Toronto he states that:

My majors were religious studies and zoology. My fourth-year thesis for Religion concerned aspects of the cosmogony theory of Issac Luria, the great sixteenth-century kabbalist from safed. My zoology thesis was a functional analysis of the thyroid gland of the three-toed sloth. I chose the sloth because of its demeanour- calm, quiet, and introspective- did something to sooth my shattered self. (Martle, 3)

The presence of science and religion is indirectly depicted by Yann Martle in the above quote. An allusion is made when Pi’s chooses to write about Issac Luria for his religion thesis who was a sixteenth-century spiritualist. Issac Luria also in fact is related to science because he was obsessed with the creation of the universe. Similarly, Pi’s zoology thesis of the

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