Life Of Pi Film Analysis

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The Life of Pi movie was written by David Magee. The director of the movie was, Ang Lee. There were many characters within the movie. The major actors included, Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, and Adil Hussain. Moreover, these actors acted out scenes for this adventure, fantasy, and drama film. The Life of Pi won 4 Oscars, 76 wins, and 124 nominations. However, this movie was about a young man named Pi who survived a disaster at sea. While cast away at sea, Pi bonded with a fearsome Tiger, and he experienced an adventurous journey due to the disaster (Life of Pi). However, this movie could be evaluated by entertainment, then theme, social issue, or relevance. Lastly the art of Life of Pi can be evaluated. Despite this movie being entertaining, having …show more content…
The Life of Pi film had a great deal of art in it. The picture quality was amazing. The water was very realistic and blue. While watching the movie, it feels like the water is underneath you. There were many bright colors in the movie. Every animal looked real and portrayed great detail in the face. For instance, the tiger’s face was beautiful, and it had long whiskers that can be viewed from a far distance away. Not only did the movie have amazing picture and realistic features, the movie had fantastic music. Each song played fit the emotion of what was occurring. For example, in the movie there was a scene where a large whale jumped out of the water near to the boat. The music was slow and suspicious sounding. The music made the viewers feel uneasy and anxious to know what will happen next. Pi did not expect a whale to jump out near him, and he felt uneasy when it took place because the boat rocked. Moreover, another example of how the music matched the scene was at the end of the movie. Pi was explaining to the reporter what happened the day he was found on the island, and what happened to the tiger. The music was slow and was in a minor key which made the song sound sad. What Pi was saying made him sad because he was stating that the tiger did not even say goodbye that day, rather it just ran off into the jungle. However, the Life of Pi is an award winning movie that is very

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