Life Of Pi Essay

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The Life of Pi movie was written by David Magee. The director of the movie was, Ang Lee. There were many characters within the movie. The major actors included, Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, and Adil Hussain. Moreover, these actors acted out scenes for this adventure, fantasy, and drama film. The Life of Pi won 4 Oscars, 76 wins, and 124 nominations. However, this movie was about a young man named Pi who survived a disaster at sea. While cast away at sea, Pi bonded with a fearsome Tiger, and he experienced an adventurous journey due to the disaster (Life of Pi). However, this movie could be evaluated by entertainment, then theme, social issue, or relevance. Lastly the art of Life of Pi can be evaluated. Despite this movie being entertaining, having …show more content…
The theme was you should not lose hope and trust in God because bad times can turn into something positive, and God is with everyone. For starters, when Pi was stuck on the small boat alone without his family, he began to lose hope that he will be lonely forever. Shortly after, a tiger swam and found the boat. God did not leave Pi alone after all. Pi was then scared that he may become the tiger’s dinner. Pi portrayed hope through prayer to God. Things began to become better afterwards. The tiger was trained to not attack, God provided Pi with fish to catch to feed the tiger, and Pi continued to catch fish for himself. He had hoped that he could potentially be okay. Towards the ending Pi began to lose hope again. Another storm started to occur. Pi lost everything, so he prayed to God saying that he surrenders. Pi and the tiger lost their strength, and was ready to give up. God was still there by his side, and Pi’s boat floated to an island. Pi and the tiger were then able to drink safe water, and eat plants. Pi regained hope that God will help him, and lead him to safety. Close to the end of the movie, Pi was rescued by other people, and the tiger disappeared in the jungle. If Pi would have lost hope, he may not have survived that horrible event. The Life of Pi movie wants viewers to learn the theme that we should never lose hope and trust in God because tough times can get better because God is with

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