Life Of Pi By Yann Martel And Fugitive Pieces By Anne Michaels

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Many authors use colours as a tool to provide depth when stating how they feel or how their characters feels at that specific moment in the text. Colour plays a momentous role in a person’s life and in literature. It allows the author to communicate messages more effectively and has the reader explore and become more engaged with the text.

The two novels that are being compared are Life of Pi by Yann Martel and Fugitive Pieces by Anne Michaels. Both novels use the colours such as, orange, green, blue, black & white, gold and yellow to present a powerful message and theme. Although they are different colours, they represent the same underlying themes. In Life of Pi, the author uses the colours orange, green and gold. In Fugitive Pieces, the colours are blue, black/white and yellow. These colours describe the themes of survival, memory and victory.

The colour orange symbolizes hope and survival. In Life of Pi, the colour orange is used as a way of expressing hope and reassurance to the reader that the end of the story, will not be a complete tragedy. During Pi’s time in the Pacific, themes of survival are more prominent. Orange is Pi’s sense of hope and helps him keep faith, proving to be an important aspect of his journey.

“[it] seems Orange - such a nice Hindu colour - is the colour of survival because the whole inside of the boat and the tarpaulin and the life jackets and the lifebuoy and the oars and most every other significant object aboard was…

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