Life of Pi Animal Behavior Essay

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In his book the “Life of Pi” by Yann Martell, the author makes multiple references to animal behavior. Through this project we have researched each of the four animals: the zebra, Orangutan, Hyena, and the Tiger on their lifestyles and behavior. In order to write this book Yann Martel explained that he had to do a lot of research on zoo biology and animal psychology. In addition he spent 6 months doing research in India, where he visited every single zoo he could find in southern India. We will analyze the description of the animals in the book, to show you how the author provides a realistic representation of how these animals live, act and interact. COLA:
GENERAL INFORMATION: Zebra, Oranguan, Hyena, Tiger
Firstly we
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As a group we therefore concluded that he was picked to show a contrast between him and the tiger, and to better illustrate the tigers attributes.


- better for animals to live in a natural enviroment: where they have access to approptiate food/shelter
- most important: interaction with other animals
- such environments in the wild are being destroyed + mammals are being hunted to extinction
- zoos help preserve endangered animals

- animals live longer in captivitiy rather then in the wild
- zoos: keepers/veterinarians available for health and diet issues
- Zoo: limited interaction with other animals

It is true zoos can provide animals with basic life requirements, but they cannot fulfill physical and psychological needs. Examples of this are looking for shelter or food, establishing territory, and adapting social dynamics with their family, group, or herd.

Advantage of living in the wild: animals belong to social species, interact with others, and can play an important role within a group
Disadvantage: hunting -> death

- zoos provide a balanced diet + neccesary diets and ensure animals are always fed this can only help the animal be as healthy as possible and is not considered a natural diet.
Once animals from zoos are released into the wild it is nearly impossible for them to learn to find food by themselves

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