Life Of Happy, High, And, By Percy Bysshe Shelley, Julian And Meddes

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It is our will that thus enchains us to permitted ill, we might be otherwise, we might be all. We dream of happy, high, majestical, were is the love, beauty and truth we seek, But in our mind? and if we were not weak, should we be less in deed thanin desire. (Percy Bysshe Shelley, Julian and Meddes)
In other words this qoute means that no matter how you feel about yourself or someone else you should not judge or make fun of others. People sometimes don’t see the pain that others go thru, they can’t even imagine how some of does people who you see happy and excited have been thru. Everyone desires to have or to be someone that they can’t have or they can’t be. They desire that so much that they will do anything to obtain it, you just have to do the right thing to be able to obtain it..
This relates to the quote because it exactly says “Is our will that thus enchains us to permitted.” Its telling you that no one cant decide for you, only you can decide for your self. Others will try to rule your decision but it takes your smartness to put a stop to it and not permitted. People are smart enough to make there own decisions to be able to a stop to there problems or to the situation there facing .
Percy Bysshe Shelley related most of his themes and peotry about his life and what he would see around. Not only he focus on adding rhyming, but he focus on putting a little bit of everything he faced and what life was about. He also related all his experiences he had went thru.

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