Life of Celia Cruz Essay

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Celia Cruz was one of the most famous Cuban salsa singers. She was nicknamed the Queen of Salsa, with more than thirty-six albums, recorded with some other leading singers in Latin music. Celia worked as a singer for more than forty years, and during that time, she became well known for her vigorous work, great personality, and her emotional way of singing. During her performances, she was well known for being able to improvise lyrics. She was an artist with over six decades of success making her an inspiration to the Latin community as well as the rest of the world. The talented singer was born on October 21, 1925, in the Santo Suarez neighborhood of Havana. Her singing talent was obvious even when she was young, but instead of pursuing …show more content…
In the times before television, radio programs enjoyed large audiences, not only on the island but in the whole Caribbean area, where area waves carried without difficulty. In Cuba, as well as in Latin America, musical programs and soap operas were tremendously popular. Radio provided practically the only entertainment beside movies, which also attracted large audiences. Celia’s first experience as an actress came to her through her friendship with Maria Teresa Coalla, who created a character especially for Celia in a soap opera broadcast by Radio Progreso in the fifties. Her director was Bernardo Pascual, who was then married to Delia Fiallo, later famous in Miami as a soap opera scriptwriter. Celia was afraid of ridicule, but her friends and colleagues at the radio station encouraged her with only one advice: to be herself, without imitating any other actress. Her success was overwhelming. The rival station also had a soap, Divorciadas, with the highest rating, but after Celia joined it bypassed the competition. The best actress award that year went to Celia. One of Celia's performance trademarks is a full-throated shout of "Azucar!" (Sugar!); she explained its 1970s origins in a 2000 Billboard interview. "I was having dinner at a restaurant in Miami, and when the waiter offered me coffee, he asked me if I took it with or without sugar. I said, 'Chico, you're Cuban. How can

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