Life Of An Innocent Teenage Girl Essay

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An accident, the newspapers reported, claimed the life of an innocent teenage girl. The article highlighted a couple of her favorite hobbies, like swimming and tutoring special education kids at the elementary school. It went on to talk about how she was a leader in her church’s youth group, and closed by telling about the promising future she had.
The article was right: she loved swimming and volunteering, was active in church, and had a great future ahead of her. But there was one thing that the article was wrong about. It wasn 't an accident. In fact, it was the complete opposite. The day, time, and location had been chosen weeks earlier; the speed needed to achieve the desired result calculated over and over, just to be sure.
Over the previous weeks, she prepared for what was coming. She had cleaned out, getting rid of most of her possessions. She ended friendships that she had maintained since early childhood. She carefully typed notes- three of them- one for her parents, one for her twin sister, and one for 7 older brothers. She took the time to write each person’s name on the note for them, in beautiful calligraphy with her favorite blue pen. The notes were left in specific locations that morning, sure to be found by the intended family member at some point in the day. Years of depression had caught up with her, and she carried out her plan flawlessly.

Somebody knocked on our door just after 6:00am, and I dragged myself out of bed to go answer it. I heard my mom…

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