Life Of A Writer, By A Famous Lyric From The Frank Sinatra Song ' My Way

1553 Words May 4th, 2016 null Page
“ And now the end is near”, a famous lyric from the Frank Sinatra song “My Way”, but in a way for myself the end is near. This semester I’ve learned a lot, and seen myself exceed expectations that I thought I would never accomplish. With dedication and will power, I kept coming to class, learned different writing styles, and how to write those styles myself. All the supporting materials that are in this folder right now are different steps I took to become a better writer, and each one has some good points and bad ones.
From the very first assignment to the last, I can tell you that I have learned a lot more then I did before I came to this class.
My first paper I wrote, “Life of a Writer” was the first time I thought to myself that I would not pass this class. I knew it wasn’t my best work, but when I got it back I saw a lot of errors, and a whole page of writing on the back from Dr. McSpadden. It was the first time I felt that couldn’t become a better writer because I thought the whole semester was going to be like my first paper. The feedback from Dr. McSpadden described to me what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. It was very descriptive on how I was presenting the information I had as a writer, but the transition and placement between each paragraph was something I struggle really bad. For example, in my first paragraph of “Life of a Writer” I talked about my timeline of when I started to read and write, but I would lose focus on the idea I had and start…

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