Essay about Life Of A Well Known Public Figure

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In this essay, I will use the life of a well-known public figure and describe why it conflicts with the views of Aristotle in terms of happiness and virtue. The life of this public figure was often praised by others who enjoyed what he represented. I will use the teachings and views of Aristotle to analyze why the life of this figure which was full of wealth, fame and prestige was truly not what it was portrayed to be. Before I begin, I would like to raise this question that will be the basis of this essay: “Are we made happy by what we have in life or by who we truly are deep down inside?”
Robin Williams, a world famous actor, captivated audiences in the roles such as: Peter Pan, Mrs. Doubtfire and Hook. He is known for his sense of humor and passion for entertainment. Robin was idolized and emulated by many and was regarded as one of the greatest actors of our time. He lived a life that many of us would dream of living. He was extremely wealthy, had great influence, worldwide exposure and of course popularity. Robin was able to live out his dream and entertain others through his great sense of humor. Although Robin was able to make others laugh and feel happy, deep down inside he was broken and unhappy. This unhappiness caused him to take his own life August of last year. One may question why a man with all that he possessed how he could have possibly been unhappy. Our idea of happiness nowadays has to do much with temporary things that are materialistic and monetary.…

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