Life Of A Slave Girl By Harriet Jacobs Essay

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Harriet Jacobs was the first woman in United States history to author a slave narrative. Jacobs is notable for her autobiography Incidents in the life of a Slave Girl in 1816. Jacobs was born in Edenton, North Carolina on February 11, 1813. She did not disclose of her real identity and used the name Linda Brent to shield her Identity in her autobiography. Jacobs was orphaned early in her youth and grew up under the authority of her grandmother and her white mistress who taught her to sew and read. Upon the death of the mistress when Jacobs was eleven she was left to be cared by her slave owner, Dr. James Norcom. Much like Jacobs, Victor Sejour detailed the gruesome incidents in slavery throw his fictional work. Victor Sejour was born Juan Victor Sejour Marcou et Ferrand in New Orleans, Louisiana on June 2, 1817. Sejour was born free to two free parents, a man of color and a women of mixed race. He grew up with sufficiently prosperous parents who could afford private schooling for him. His literary work “The Mulatto” was publish in 1837 that told about slavery in a chilling short story. Harriet Jacobs and Victor Sejour both touched on the topics of rape, sentimentalism, and abolitionism. Jacobs and Sejour both discuss the topics of rape of women in slavery and explores the fight for sexual freedom. They both express deep emotions in their literary works throughout their stories. They used their stories to voice their concern and disgust for slavery as abolitionist. Jacobs…

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