Life Mastery Research Paper

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Modern life is filled with stress. From the clamor of traffic to florescent lights at all hours of the day, the entire world is filled with tension-inducing sights and sounds. Imagine for a moment that you could go back to a simpler time when nighttime meant stars glimmering above your head. For a moment, consider how it feels to be harmonious with the world around you.

You are a natural part of the world. Like every other animal on earth, humans were designed to live harmoniously with nature. Returning to this natural state of interconnections allows you to be happier and more relaxed. Instead of stressing about your next work project or an upcoming bill, you can let life flow smoothly around you. Your life is just a drop of water in the ocean, and you are able to move along easily with the tide. Without tumultuous emotions and anxiety holding you back, you are able to feel connected to the divine presence that exists within all of us. Bliss, peace and serenity are all possible if you are able to connection yourself with your purpose in life. You have a chance for true life mastery.
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At some point, everyone becomes uncertain about their purpose in life. It is entirely natural for you to debate the reason why you are here or what you are supposed to do in the world. Life mastery is all about finding your purpose and developing a harmonious attitude toward life. Although you may have tried reading through self-help books or enrolled in meditation retreats, you will not be able to find true peace until you have achieved life mastery. You have made the first step by realizing that you need to do something, but you are not quite there yet.

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