Life Makes Me Happy Essay

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My wonderful teacher once asked “ What moment in your life made you really happy”. There is no definite answer, being able to wakeup everyday makes me happy. Stretching in my comfy bed makes me smile. Listening to the birds chirping, the sun beaming into my eyes. There are no words that can describe that happiness, its different than receiving a present or a brand new car. Getting up to brush my teeth, looking at the mirror seeing myself. Having the privilege to shower under warm water. Looking out my window seeing the cars pass by and the color of the leaves as it changes throughout the seasons. Knowing there’s another day, life is still taking its course. Every breath that I have taken gives a tingly sensation knowing that I can never buy something as beautiful as oxygen.
Walking down the stairs wearing my comfy outfit, and being greeted good morning by my beautiful parents. Smelling the eggs that are being cooked and laughter in the air. Every bite makes my mouth water, licking the plate leaving nothing to waste. I watch every morning as my family communicates with passion. Having a beautiful family gives me
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As I was working out on my chest I felt the progression, I felt my body pumping blood and getting stronger. Some people smoke cigarettes, and drink alcohol. That’s what makes them happy, and this is what makes me happy. After the gym I would be able to finally see my girlfriend, we went out to get some dinner. I looked into her eyes smiling, she asked me “ what’s so funny”, and I told her I’m just happy to have you. Every single day is a happy moment in my life. There’s no room for fighting because that would just ruin my happiness. I live for being happy. There are important meaningful moments I live with everyday that add to my constant state of happiness. I am happy with what has been given to me and I will never take that for granted. My life, my breath, and the love I have inside of

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