Life Long Learning Essay

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Lifelong Learning Lifelong learning is the, “Lifelong, voluntary and self-motivated: pursuit of knowledge for either personal or professional reasons. People learn in different ways at different times. There is many ways that people can learn and people they can learn from. Lifelong learning starts from the very day that a person is born until the day that a person dies. There is several established contexts for lifelong learning to include but definitely not limited to the following: schooling, continued education, work knowledge, and personal learning environments. Schooling involves learning to learn or the development of informal learning patterns. Work knowledge includes professional development and on the job trainings. …show more content…
I believe that the Army will be setting me up for success later in life when I decide to leave the military. I have learned many different skills that will make me ready and transform me back to civilian life when I am ready. I already know how to work well with others and work with people that I do not necessarily get along with at the time. I know that you must over come and adapt to any situation that will arise.

You can learn from family; talking or watching people; and/or from what a person has experienced in the past. For instance: my older sister, since she was 16, had always had a problem with alcoholism and drug abuse. Growing up I had always seen the effects that all of that had on her. She had always been in trouble with both the law and with our family. I would see her go through all the hard times she had. She ended up dropping out of high school during her senior year. She also lost all her genuine friends that she had growing up and the only friends that she could keep were the ones that would end up partying and doing drugs with her. During the eight years that she had been doing drugs and partying all the time she had gone to rehab three times. She ended up gaining an extreme amount of weight from the medicine she was put on. She would not accept help from our family until she realized what she was doing was hurting all of us. She had cut off all relationships

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