Life Is The Most Important Thing For Me Essay

1017 Words Jun 15th, 2015 null Page
Most of us are working to build our lives without any actual planning or thoughts. To succeed at anything in life, there must be idea and direction to get there. Having a purpose in life is the most important thing for me. Choosing the right path in life always keeps me engaged in hard work and keeps me busy so I don 't lose my drive and direction. By moving to the United States five years from Nepal work study and understanding American culture is still challenging for me. With a purpose I have goals to achieve and motivation to finish school.

In life we all have goals it 's only matter of smaller or bigger. Setting goals is a basic component to long-term success. The fundamental reason for this is that you cannot get where you are trying to go until you surely decide what it is. Goals form a structure and line in life, and allows you to focus on meaningful action and avoid the less important ones. Goals setting is an important thing to know how to. In order to set goals you need to t main focus, what you want to accomplish in the end. After you know this you can set smaller goals that eventually lead up to it. After this all you need to follow your smaller goals which will get you to the big one. Like everyone else I also have goals that I am seeking for. My family left Nepal 2002 and they left me behind for seven years. They came to the United States as a permanent resident visa. Its hard to be separated from the love ones. When I came to the United…

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