Life Is Not As Normal As Others Essay

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Spiritual Wellness
The testimony of my life is not as normal as others . My life has been full of events that could be use in a movie or a reality TV show. My childhood was different from others because when I was four years of age I was kidnapped by my dad and stepmother. My father hid me in his ranch until I was seven years old, I often wondered why we didn’t go out past this ranch, but I never dared to ask growing up. Now I know it was not normal that we seldom visited relatives and the few that we did that It was not right that I would have to be sent to a room when certain family members would come by. It was not until I turned eight that I met my stepmother’s mom. When my father had to register me in school, I was only allowed to take the bus to school and go back home right away after school. I didn’t see my biological mother until I was nine years of age, when she approached me I asked who she was, and she responded “I am your mother”. She came close to me trying to hug and kiss me, but I rejected her hugs and kisses. There was a lot of resentment in my heart for her. I never asked questions about my mother because I didn’t want to hear that she didn’t love me enough to look for me. All I had in my heart was hate and I never wanted to see her in my life again. The only contact I had with her after that day was because I wanted to play with my older brother. I asked her to let me see my brother to play with him. She agreed to that so we saw each other and played…

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