Essay Life Is Not Always Fair

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Life is another name for a journey full of hardships and happiness. We would all love a life consisting of just happiness, however the saying, “life is not always fair,” contradicts this ideology. The important part of life is to reflect back on these moments of happiness and sadness. Using the insight from your reflection you can bring a change in your life and try to bring a change to the lives of others as well. One sorrowful moment in my journey was when I was seven years old and in the second grade. On this day, I got the news that my pet dog, Tiger, had passed away. I still remember my heart pounding when my parents told me they had taken Tiger to the veterinarian to and he was dead now. At that moment, a flash of anger and depression hit me, but now as I view the truths of this world, I see how this event has helped me realize the importance of living a joyful life and being kind to others.
Before I was born, Tiger was already a part of my family. I do not remember a moment from my childhood in which Tiger was not present. Tiger, a black lab with several gold spots, was my prized possession. A year before his death, he developed an infection in his foot. The veterinarian had prescribed him medicine and his foot healed within a month. After about two months, this infection returned in a more virulent form. On some days, his legs would start bleeding from the wounds caused by the gruesome infection. I was not able to bear the sight of the red blood oozing its way out of…

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