Life Is Not A Life Essay

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Life is not easy- -if life were to be easy, there would be no tears, no pain, and no suffering. My mother always told me to work hard, and in the end I would be paid greatly. But what are you supposed to work hard for when you 're out of the job, prices are rising, and you can barely make enough money on part time jobs to support yourself? It 's hard in the U.S right now, the Stock Market has crashed and the crops in the Midwest are dying out. We had recently just concluded the Great War and we had won. Germany had to pay $33 billion dollars in reparations after the war for all of the damage they have caused. Things seemed alright here, we all had stable jobs and a roof above our head. But on October 17, 1929 everything would change.
It’s questionable whether people saw this coming, but in August when the recession hit, stock prices went up. Not many people were spending money, but yet companies still continued to produce goods that were not being bought. These goods began to pile up. Their stocks were rising to rates that no one had ever predicted for the impending future. You could compare it to a bubble, you keep on blowing and the higher the risk that it will pop. And with time, it did. Known as Black Thursday, millions of stocks were sold and traded and it’s when disaster took a turn for the worse. The market had crashed. Prices shot up to the stars and barely anyone could afford anything. Since the market had crashed and no one could afford anything,…

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