Life Is Miserable - Original Writing Essay

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Sometimes life is miserable. It might be because of hardship, plans changing, or even just the weather for the day turning out horrendous. At times like this, it’s hard to stay positive or even consider having a good time. But, I experienced first-hand that even during the gloomiest of times; you can still find a glimmer of happiness.
It all started when I was four and my family was vacationing at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. I was seated securely in my stroller as my family traveled down Main Street USA, trying to navigate our way to the Fantasyland section of the park. The air was disgustingly hot and damp around the five of us, and while the rain had ceased for the time being, some of the dark clouds continued to linger in the sky. As I fussed with my yellow Mickey Mouse poncho, my eyes focused on the giant castle down the street. It was larger than anything I had ever seen, and my eyes sparkled in pure astonishment. Giggling as Dad snapped a photo of the back of my sister’s head with the castle, I felt overwhelmed with anticipation.
I swung my tiny feet back and forth as we approached the entrance, but just as we were about to head inside, the blue sky was swallowed by fast-moving grey clouds and a torrential downpour began around us. As my mom yanked my hood farther up my damp head, we scurried inside the entryway. I began to feel gloomy and disappointed in how the day was turning out. Wondering what ride would even operate during these horrible conditions, I…

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