Life Is Like A Bar Of Soap Essay examples

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Life is like a bar of soap, when you just start to feel that you have grasped it, it slips away. Life is often taken for granted, and sometimes the simple things in life are not fully appreciated. Unlike life, death is a scary reality that no one thinks about until they’re standing over their loved one watching them being buried in the ground. Death is not a game or a joke, it 's a heartbreaking and bitter experience. I learned that the hard way when I lost my Uncle Todd to Leukemia almost three years ago. My Uncle Todd had been struggling with Leukemia for four long years. When I first found out about his sickness, I never thought about the end results. I assumed that he would receive treatment and everything would be alright. Unfortunately, most of the time he got worse and worse. He lost just about all of his hair, lost around 60 pounds, and was in and out of the hospital. He would spend weeks and sometimes months at a time in the hospital. He even stayed in a nursing home for a while for rehab and physical therapy. I remember visiting him for the first time in the nursing home thinking to myself, “A 41 year old man, who still had a long life ahead of him, should not be here right now.” Of course there were good days where he had energy to walk around and go outside. Then there were bad days where all he could do was stay in bed and sleep. But the thing I loved most about Uncle Todd was that he would make the best out of crappy situations. Whenever I saw him, he…

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