Life Is Crazy Growing Up Essay

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Life is crazy growing up; makes you want to go back to the times you were younger. I lay down at night and sometimes think about all the meaningful lessons my family has taught me. I know you can relate as you watched your oldest Sam grow up into the person he is now and start a new chapter in his life in college. A specific time in my life and something I would never forget was when my father taught me about the game baseball. It all started out when we moved from Texas about when I was starting preschool. The day I walked into the Kauffman stadium was a day I won 't forget. I looked up to the ceilings and said to myself that I am walking into a castle! I thought to myself; what an amazing day to be in Kansas City. Perfect weather outside with a high of eighty degrees and no wind. I remember watching the players running out onto the field to warm up. My heart just sank: I have never seen any famous people before, but when I saw them, I was just so shocked and happy at the same time! Some people enjoy celebrities throwing the first pitch; however I enjoy watching regular people. The first pitch was a brave hearted little girl who was just diagnosed with brain cancer. I witnessed hundreds of fans cheering,crying, and screaming for the young brave hearted teenager whose life was made. As I watched that I began to feel that baseball wasn 't about just winning or losing; it was about playing and representing something you love. That was the Kansas City Royals! During the…

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