Essay on Life Is An Experience All Human Beings

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Life is an experience all human beings come to understand with time. Throughout this journey, reasons for which things are done or created or for which something exists are not always apparent. The beauty of this experience is that although our purpose is not perceptible to us from birth, there is a higher power showing us our purpose but only if we are prepared to listen and act. Through significant events and the word of God, I have come to walk part of the path God has chosen for me. Finding my calling to become a nurse has come with its share of struggles, but these lessons I have only fortified my trust in God.
I have experienced many significant events and influences in my 25 years of existence. Due to this, God has given me a renewed approach to life. For all of their lives, my immigrant parents have struggled to maintain steady jobs, remaining unemployed. My father resorted to illegal means of making money and as a result ended up in prison several times. Consequently, my mother has been dependent upon government aid and other forms of aid in order to raise our family of eight. I did not know a stable living situation until recently, since my parents uprooted from place to place after various foreclosures and evictions. It is not unusual for families such as my own to neglect health care altogether in circumstances such as these. For my mother, this was especially true. It was only after she lost a child to chickenpox, a disease that has a vaccine and cure today,…

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