Life Is A Series Of Decisions Essay

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The opening words of his book, “Life is a series of decisions” (Dr. Kent Ingle, 2013), accurately describes his view. Dr. Kent Ingle quickly denounces the idea that on should find themselves in a routine; he believes that God always opens new doors, even if they don’t seem to line up with what appeared to be the path. These doors, according to Dr. Kent Ingle, are God’s way of providing a call to adventure. With these calls, one has two options: they can say yes to the call or they can deny the call. Either way, the decision is their own. However, accepting the adventure allows one the chance to live life to the full extent of God’s divine design.
One point Dr. Kent Ingle is intent on making involves the idea that individuals most often let opportunities slip out of fear of failure. He believes that society is taught that they cannot fail; every decision and action must be perfect, and all failures take you off of God’s path. To counter this, he explains that God knows everyone before they were born, so He has provides new openings to account accordingly. Dr. Kent Ingle understands that fear is natural, but encourages the reader to not let fear rule their life.
Early on in his book, Dr. Kent Ingle addresses his strongholds in self-reflection; he shows confidence that no informed and wise decisions can be made without it. He goes on to explain that patterns from the past often show how one can act in the future. Self-reflection can also give a person clarity in…

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