Life Is A Highway Analysis

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Everyone has that one song that they never grow tired of. These songs are played over and over again, yet never seem to grow old. “Life is a Highway” by Rascal Flatts is one of these songs; not only is it a fun one to sing along to, but simply listening to the guitar solos or drums puts one up to speed to get off their seat and move with the beat. This piece made a great impact on me during a crucial and exciting time in my life as well as was able to grab my attention consistently while displaying and explaining a stronger, deeper meaning of life through its lyrics.

“Life is a Highway” is a well-known song due to its heavy exposure to younger audiences since its released as the main sound track of the Disney blockbuster Cars. When I was
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Levitin states that as we slowly become teenagers we start to like more complex music and set aside the simple music. Music that remind us of the times that we were going through. Levitin says that the music can have a connection with a “pleasant sensory experience” (Levitin 242). Showing that there are some songs that people connect with that others don’t due to a memory that they have attached to the song. “Life is a highway” is special to me because I heard it every single time I would watch the movie or when I had my birthday party theme of Cars. Reminding me of simpler times in my life. Those memories are attached to that song which could be a reason why it seems like I never grow tired of it. It also reminds me of the journey I was taking when I moved up to San Francisco to go to college. Throughout the long seven-hour car ride from Los Angeles to San Francisco the song was played multiple times. I was in deep thought realizing I was leaving everything I had ever known behind but I was being introduced to a new chapter in my life. This song is no longer simple to me but one of the most complex songs I have ever heard because of the

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