Essay on Life Is A Great Thing

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Although, with the many obstacles you have to go through life is a great thing. You just need to find what makes you happy in life. Everyone has goals in life that are worth living every day for until you achieve them. No matter how hard times can get you just have to continue. In the novella there are many deaths. With their mother dying and there father committing suicide and many others situations. The brothers had to continue moving forward no matter what happened. You have to appreciate everything in life, the good and the bad. Although, the Gates brothers did not have much to continue living for because their lives seemed to be surrounded with death and very miserable they still continued to move forward with their lives everyday. There lives were very depressing but all depend on each other. The Gates brothers had very little to continue moving forward too but somehow they did it although they need a lot of humane support.
How I see quality of life is you find a purpose to continue moving forward everyday. There are days that are going to be tougher than others. People learn from their mistake and move forward no matter what happens. Life may be complicated or wonderful everyone has a purpose to be living. Some people are successful while others have to struggle more in life. In this case with the Gates brothers, they had to struggle a lot more. They had to learn on their own. They were very inhumane and lacked attention and care. They might have acted different of…

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