Life Is A Cycle Of Growth Essay

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Life is a cycle of growth. This cycle starts with birth and ends with death. Before death individuals experience aging. Aging is a term used in social work that represents the senior citizen population at 65 years and up. During this stage of aging is when some begin to lose their physical and mental abilities. The state of physical and mental transitions varies based on the person. Many fight with multiple health issues along with the many who may only struggle with wrinkled skin and slight hearing or seeing deviations. During On Golden Pond by Mark Rydell, Ethel, the wife of Norman, is an example of a senior citizen who experiences small changes during her aging stage. Norman on the other hand comes in contact with bigger issues like, memory and possible depression symptoms.
Ethel is very mobile and enthusiastic. She enjoys nature and is still very independent. As a social worker if I was to evaluate her senescence the only two big changes for her process of aging would be having gray hair and wrinkles. A few things Ethel does to stay healthy is go canoeing, pick strawberries, and most importantly stay happy. These are activities that affect her process of aging by allowing her to live with a stronger immune system and nervous system. Benefits of having a strong immune system are having the ability to fight of illness and eliminate cancer cells, as it is common for these things to develop after age 65. Her strong nervous system will help her to carry a strong heartbeat…

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