Life Is A Complicated Phenomenon Essay

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Life is nothing anyone has a true right to decide, except for the one whose own life is in question. Something so fragile, and so important cannot be discussed, or decided about so easily. As is the case in many situations in which the government needs to compensate a family for the loss of their beloved. As well as cases in which an individual needs to decide for themselves, due to an illness or such, if living is worth suffering the way they do. There is many reasons as to why life is suck a complicated phenomenon to us; we can touch on a few of them such as accomplishments, consequences, profession, calamity, and suffering.

To have to put a value on human life is a fickle situation. When you don’t know anything about what they could have accomplished, and assign them to only what they’ve done in life so far. A good person to look at is Steve Jobs. He was a college drop out at the age eighteen, only attended for six months. He had to change bottles for money and had to sleep on the floor of his friend’s room as a drop out. His actions would seem to dictate someone other than an intellectual man. To not proceed with finishing his education, and to choose to live like he did (Steve Jobs).

Despite all this, he kept at it, eventually becoming the brilliant man we all have come to know. He is a prime example of a human life that could have been a loss of genius, if he had died at the age of seventeen. Therefore, also showing the flaw in the system of assigning…

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