Life Is A Balancing Act Essay

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Life is a balancing act. Whether I am juggling school, work, family, church activities, or friends, I am constantly striving to do my best in each area of my life without letting one of the other areas slip. This is a constant, uphill battle. In the end, I can only pick a direction and follow the path until it dead-ends and then pick a new direction. From what I have learned in Measurements and Evaluations, assessment is also a balancing act. Each type of assessment has its own pros and cons, but every type also has a purpose. As an educator, I believe that to truly test students fairly on their learning, the tests given must be as diverse and flexible as the students themselves. In education circles today, there is a running debate regarding summative and formative assessment. Which one is better? I think that neither is better; they are just different. Educators should use a multifaceted approach to teach. If all students do in a class is read and answer questions, the class will be bored and disinterested in the subject. Regardless of teaching style, if a teacher has students complete the same type of activity day after day, the students will suffer. Where teaching is concerned, variety certainly is the spice of life. With a variety of activities, students stay engaged and excited. Every student receives the opportunity to show where their talents lie. Why not use the same tried and true approach for assessment? Obviously, state testing is here to stay. Whatever my…

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