Howard Frank Mosher's Where The Rivers Flow North

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Life in rural 20th century Vermont was a frontier. A place filled with dense wilderness, and packed with wildlife. There was no cities, and barely even towns holding more than a couple hundred people. You had to work for everything you wanted and how hard life really was in Vermont. Howard Frank Mosher did an incredible job depicting this time in his collection of short stories including Where the Rivers Flow North. This theme is found throughout the novella, and it is the underlying message. Mosher witnessed these people in his time living in Vermont so he portrayed them in his work. Especially in the stories with Noel and Henry Coville are strong examples of this.
The strongest example of this is in Where the Rivers Flow North. The entire
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Just like his friend Noel he grew up in a logging camp with his Father and the french logging crew. He learned how to skid logs in his teens, again much like his friend Noel. Life in logging camps is hard, every winter stuck in the smallest of cabins filled with grown men during unbearably cold weather. (Insert Quote Here). Henry had no times to run around and play games, he worked his whole life other than the times he was out hunting. He became an expert at pulling logs by horses at a young age. From there he was drafted into the army for World War 1. His first escape from Vermont and his labor filled life had to be into a world war. He put his talents to use and drove the mule brigade for the United States. (Insert Quote After he gets Gassed). Of course this does not end well, he gets gassed and loses half a lung. But he must return and get back to work. While he was gone he learned his father had passed. He comes home to pull logs, smuggle liquor, and hunt until he decides that life is no longer worth it and kills himself. The never ending toll of work and misfortune that so many experienced and only the toughest would survive. But as we have seen, the toughest (Noel, Henry) are sometimes hit the hardest by this harsh land.
In conclusion, living in Vermont in the early 20th century was a great trial of strength. It snapped some in half, others found a way to coast through until it was all over.

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