Life in the Italy in the 1930s Essay

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Life in Italy in the 1930’s

Life in Italy in the 1930’s caused difficulty to some Italians during that time period. During the 1930’s a large number of Italians who had opposed the fascist rule of Benito Mussolini arrived in the United States. After the news spread in Italy about the bombing of Pearl Harbour almost all Italians supported the war against Benito Mussolini. At this point, Italy was slowly becoming under the Nazi rule, the significance of a woman’s role in Italy was emphasised as they were expected to accept the fascist ideology. Girls were expected to get married and conceive lots of children. Many young women in Italy felt the pressures of politics that were dominated by men and felt that women’s rights were disappearing
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Much of his ideas and actions were inspired by Hitler’s Nazi regime.
Mussolini wanted a nation full of Fascist warriors. Mussolini clearly outlined what jobs were expected of each gender in Italy. Boys were expected to grow into fierce soldiers who would fight with glory for Italy while girls were expected to be good mothers who would provide Italy with a population that had great power and was expected to produce boys in their high numbers so that they would become soldiers in the future.
Within the education system, schools were expected to teach the children about the Fascist government and how glorious it was. Children were taught that Mussolini was the only man who could lead Italy back to greatness. They expected to address Mussolini as “II Duce”. Young boys were encouraged to attend youth organizations and clubs which were controlled by the Fascist government. Within these youth clubs boys were taught about the Mussolini leadership and how heroic it was to become a soldier for Italy. Boys were taught that fighting for them was a natural extension of the normal male lifestyle. Mussolini has numerous slogans to publicise how glorious the Fascist regime was, one of the slogans was “War is to the male what childbearing is to the female”. This emphasised the idea that girls were taught that giving birth is natural while for boys fighting is natural for them.
Italy in the 1930s, whilst the Fascist

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