Life Has Changed My Life Essay

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Certain aspects of my life I cannot change; I do not dwell on what life would be like under different circumstances, nor do I any longer wish to escape who I am. Through God 's grace, or perhaps merely by chance, my life has dramatically changed. Whatever the reason, I do not intend to waste my opportunity to rise up and make my mark in the world.
While my mother was pregnant with me, she, my father, and my older brother were living in Dallas, moving from apartment to apartment, month after month. I was born in Dallas, Texas, and grew up in and around a nearby town named Irving. As a little girl, I spent my days playing games with my older brother, helping my mother cook and clean, and waiting for my father to get home from work so we could play together. As far as I was concerned, we were one big happy family. Unfortunately, not everyone shared my view. When I was three years old, my mother explained to me and my brother that my father had left our family, though the idea didn 't sink in until long after. Over the next four years, our broken family continued to move into a variety of apartments, town-homes and houses as we struggled for financial stability.
One day, my mother received news that one of her brothers was coming to the United States from El Salvador. She had not seen any of her brothers since she left El Salvador at the age of four, so she was excited to be reunited with him. My mother bought a house around the time he arrived from El Salvador, and he, having…

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