Life Goes On, The People In Our World, And Eating Healthy: Book Analysis

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I have created a portfolio, which include three essays from our English class. The essays are “Life Goes On”, “The People in Our World”, and “Eating Healthy”. These entries portray different aspects of writing skills I learned through out the class. Such as things that I exceled in were prewriting, critical reading, research, rhetorical analysis and style and genre. In addition, I also have weaknesses that include revision and creating a proofreading.

In my essay “Life Goes On”, I had profiled my friend on how she has lived her life as an orphan. It was difficult to make a decision when it came to choosing whom to profile. We were given a pre-writing assignment in which we picked ten important people and why they should have a profile written
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The assignment was supposed to conclude if this novel should be taught to high school students. This is where rhetorical analysis and arguments were made about the controversial topics written about in this novel. The topic I chose to concentrate on was sexual abuse of children throughout the novel. In lines 23 to 26, I argue that sexual abuse of children is not a topic that should be discussed in high school because students are immature and are impacted by such serious topics. In addition, something I am proficient in is critical reading. As shown in lines 38-40, I realized that Sam was abused when she was younger. This was a very small detail in the novel and I was able to catch on and was able to relate to the topic of my essay. In addition, this essay required us to compare the novel and to expert opinion. By going through multiple articles I was able to find research in lines 78-80. I was able to show how many children are abused and relate it to my argument of why this topic should not be taught in high …show more content…
In lines 18-20, disciplinary knowledge is shown in order to inform the audience on what steps are necessary to take in order to eating healthy. In addition, the style for this essay was meant for an audience who is eager to learn on eating healthy and informs them to the best of my abilities. Also, another important factor of this essay was proofreading. This outcome is one of my weaknesses. I am not always good at proofreading because it is difficult to find your mistakes and fix them. I did manage to proof read “Eating Healthy” in lines 75 through 77. I was able to make the paragraph more clear and

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