Life, Experiences, Values In To Kill A Mockingbird By Harper Lee

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B. Attitudes behind the text Writers craft their words to communicate a voice, entertainment or education. Likewise, Harper Lee wrote To Kill a Mockingbird with the consideration of her own experiences, values and beliefs. She uses her characters as her outlet so she can connect with the reader. Not to mention, Scout’s and Harper’s childhood was very similar. Furthermore, she discusses issues such as: racial discrimination, femininity, and prejudices. Harper was born in 1926, Alabama. Her father was an authority who had an unsuccessful case with two African American men who were accused of murder; Atticus was a lawyer who unsuccessfully defended a black man accused of rape. Furthermore, Harper’s brother was named Edwin who was 4 years …show more content…
She did so by creating a huge dividing line between black people and white people. Making all black people look extremely nice and innocent like a mockingbird enhance the fact that black people are good. (Although in reality, it’s hard to have a perfect race) Furthermore she shows how white people are prejudices against black people therefore are mean to them or don’t care about them. These were the traditional values which Harper Lee doesn’t support. Harper lee in general hate people who dircromation against another or dictate justice like Hitler. She doesn’t only hate Hitler but also people who are like him. She even made the teacher a hypocrite for saying that she hates hitler too. These ignorance and hypocrisy breathe and live in Maycomb, which are hated by Harper. Therefore it’s not necessarily a great place to live in especially if you are Black or you are ok with Blacks. Even in the intro, she describe Maycomb as boring and gray and dark. She created an atmosphere from the beginning as a tired, gothic town. Furthermore for a person who doesn’t dislike colour people, Maycomb is a terrible place to live. Since the corruption of law and justice since it all depend of the circumstance on whether if the victim is black or

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