Life Expectancy Calculator Essay

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Introduction and Life Expectancy Calculator Results When I first read this assignment, my initial thought, “oh this is going to be hard”. This past May I turned forty-four; some say that the 40’s is the new 30’s. Whatever it may be I just know at this point is considered “middle” of my life or as I like to say getting close to the “middle of my life”. With some hesitation, finally did the life expectancy calculator and my results, according to the calculator that I would live to be eighty-five years old. Actually, I did get a little giggle out of the fact since I do not drink, well some on an occasion. However, if I did have a glass of wine or two a few times a week I would get an extra two years, needless to say, it was quite tempting to …show more content…
My son just turned 11 years old and will be going into middle school this fall. My baby girl will be nine in a few weeks, she is autistic however, and it does not define her. Both are very active, EJ will be in the band at school, also a Boy Scout. Abby, a gymnast for the Special Olympics as well as plays baseball for the Miracle League. Along with them, I also have an older daughter she is 21; married and has a little girl my first granddaughter who keeps me on my toes. My husband and I are now at a point where we are taking care of his father. Just this week we found out he has stage four pancreatic cancer, he is sixty-seven years old. Until the past four months, very independent; in fact, he still worked as an Aflac Insurance agent. With all that has taken place recently, honestly it has made me think about some things. With being an addict for so many years; my life did not start really until thirteen years ago, well this phase of my life. Once becoming sober life had a new meaning. It was like being born all over again, everything became new and fresh. That is why I am in school; my passion is to help those who are in addiction, hopefully to be an example for

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