Life Cycle Between Cambodia And Thailand Essay

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What is life cycle? In every part of the world, every country has their own customs, traditions, religion, beliefs, language, and lifestyle. As every country is distinctive from one to another, but life cycle is a major role to the people in each country. People that born as indigenous in their countries would follow their customs or heritage from their ancestors like celebrations (marriage and funeral) or events (holidays and festival) that continue from generation to generation. So, the life cycle is a series of evolutions of human lifestyles on how they live, what they do in their culture and different from each other like Cambodia and Thailand. Although Cambodia and Thailand have many similarities in the life cycle due to sharing traditions and customs with each other in the past, still both of them are common in having differences about cultural extensions. The three major differences: birth, marriage, and death. First of all, the difference of life cycle between Cambodia and Thailand is birth. In Cambodia and Thailand, giving birth to a child is mostly associated with traditions in rural areas. In Cambodia, giving birth to a child or it can be called (Chhlorng Tonle) is a dangerous moment for women. At this time, there are many beliefs and stringent rules to the mother to ensure her safety and the child. As Cambodia is a developing country, most rural women give birth at home, where they are lack of water and a sanitary environment due to unaffordable. In this case,…

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