Essay on Life Cycle Analysis Of Down Pillows

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Life Cycle Analysis of Down Pillows: Use, Maintenance, and Disposal
When buying a product, we often think of how we will use it on a daily basis, but we fail to think about what will happen to the product once it is no longer of use. Down pillows have a high probability of being recycled, unlike many other household items, which creates a lesser impact on the environment. By examining the use, maintenance, and disposal section of the life cycle analysis of down pillows, we gain a better understanding of why recycling materials is so important and what really happens to pillows once we are done using them. Once we understand the impact that product disposal has on the environment, we can begin to make changes to raise our sustainability for future generations.
The fourth stage of the life cycle analysis involves the use of pillows and their impact on the environment as a whole. Most people in the world use pillows on a daily basis without considering what chemicals or toxins were used during the manufacturing process. Most people do not realize that when they lay their head on their pillow each night, they are exposing themselves to fire retardants and other carcinogenic chemicals used to make pillows safer and more durable. While banned in some states due to carcinogenic potential, Penta Bromo Diphenyl (PentaBDE) is used in bedding, clothes, pillows, and many other household items. In the 1970s, similar flame retardant chemicals were removed from children’s sleepwear…

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