Life Changing Role As A Tenth Grade English Teacher Essay

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Television star Tony Danza embarks on a life-changing role as a tenth-grade English teacher. In his novel, I’d Like To Apologize To Every Teacher I Ever Had, Tony Danza shares his experience as a rookie teacher. Northeast High school is an inner-city public school in Philadelphia with over 3,500 students. Chronicling his first year of an English teacher, Mr Danza sheds light on the roller coaster of emotions and issues first year teachers go through and the struggles students face. Although, Mr. Danza struggled in the beginning with classroom management, he was able to adapt behaviorist strategies in order to get the desired behaviors he wanted from his students. Behaviorist theorists believe learning is most likely to take place by establishing reinforcements for desired behavior in the classroom. Mr. Danza was able to adapt these notions and give his students positive reinforcement, which ultimately changed his classroom dynamic. He was able to create a safe and positive learning environment for his students. Another learning theory he used was the constructivist theory. Constructivist theorists state, learners construct knowledge for themselves. Again, Mr. Danza struggled in the beginning, with letting his students take the lead on discussions. However, he was able to change his lesson plans and incorporate activities where his students were in charge of their own learning and he became a facilitator.
Behaviorist Theory The behaviorist theory…

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