Narrative Essay About Homeless People

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It was 6am Monday morning and I was off to San Francisco, it was a smooth 45-minute drive as I had lucked out and barely beat the traffic. This was my first time going to a soup kitchen let alone Glide Memorial the biggest one in San Francisco. As I walked towards the building it was 710 am and keep in mind Glide was not opening the doors till and there were already tons of homeless people lined up, ready to eat. The day I volunteered at glide memorial was one of the most life changing events I have ever done. I never realized or thought about all the homeless people and how big of a problem it is for our country let alone big cities such as San Francisco.

At 8 am the door opened and the smell of alcohol and urine rushed through the air, I was nervous but really excited about this opportunity I was getting to be apart of. As I was standing there to serve the man next to me said “be ready for a life changing experience” I giggled when he said that. I knew that today was going to be interesting and a good deed for the community but life changing I didn’t think so. As I served the homeless, they were so grateful of me and what I was doing here and where I’m from but I was confused because I always had the impression that homeless
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This was just so shocking to me because it was only the first morning session and I never would’ve imagined to see and serve this many homeless people. As noon came around lunch was going to be served till 130 so I was preparing myself for how crowded it was going to be. The doors opened and many people were coming in, some faces were new and others were the same who I noticed this morning. It was such a weird feeling to me to see how others have eat compared to the way my life is. It truly made me feel guilty about myself and we haven’t even got to the dinner section of this day which I was told was the most

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