Life Changing Diagnosis Of A Six Year Old Essay example

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Life Changing Diagnosis of a Six Year Old
It was an early morning on a bright sunny day in Cleveland Ohio. I was six years old at the time and I was sitting in a small square room, there were stuffed animals, Barbie dolls and other various toys scattered around. My step sister Christine and I were playing cheerfully with the scattered toys. All of a sudden I felt exhausted and dizzy. I slowly put my toy down and made my way into the living room. There I climbed onto an oversized vintage floral print couch, pulled a blanket over myself and laid down to rest. My mom Sharon entered the room and said "Serena what 's wrong, are you okay?" I did not respond. My mom walked over and yet again smelled a foul fruity odor emanating from my mouth.
This was not the first time this had happened to me. For the last year I had been in and out of doctors’ offices. Each visit ending with the doctor saying there is nothing wrong with you Serena and sending me home with a delicious bottle of pink amoxicillin. This day was different my mom finally said that’s enough. She called her sister, my aunt Terry and asked for the phone number to her pediatrician. After on quick phone call I was being loaded into the family car for yet another visit to the doctor.
Upon arrival at Doctor Yue’s office my mother and I were asked many questions. How old are you, how much do you weigh and what symptoms have you been experiencing? The answers came quick since I have been repeating them for a year now, “I am six…

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