Life Can Throw You A Curve Ball Essay

771 Words Jul 11th, 2015 4 Pages
At the early age of 21, I discovered that life can throw you a curve ball. However, it’s what you do in that situation that can ultimately define you as a person. My curve ball came when I realized that my marriage wasn’t healthy for my children and me, which resulted in me parlaying my dream of a bachelor’s degree after completing my associates at TVCC. After 3 years of dead end jobs I stumbled into a career as an office manager; advancing upon that career for the subsequent 17 years.

As odd as it sounds, I’ve worked for only 4 companies over the past 17 years; changing establishments due to either an acquisition or merger. At my last employer, I took advantage off all available trainings to increase my knowledge in office and human resource management, receiving several certifications in aspects of human resources, OSHA Health and Safety, and Dept. of Transportation Regulations. Furthermore, I was honored to mentor 8 other locations concerning corporate policies and procedures, along with assisting them during their new database training and transition. But my luck ran out on March 26, 2014, when the organization I had been employed with for 9 years cut my position prior to a merger with another corporation. Ultimately, this left me unemployed.

Looking for work became a humbling experience, falling in-between companies that wanted a bachelor’s degree for a position I’d excelled at for 17 years to overqualified. When summer came without any job prospects, I…

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